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Aikido could help you on a path of personal growth and discovery!

The best way to introduce yourself to Aikido is to simply try it.

Aikido is a traditional Japanese martial art characterized by dynamic movement, powerful throws, strikes, joint and pinning techniques. Extremely effective as a means of self-defense, Aikido is a potent art descended from the samurai tradition. All ages men and women may benefit from the discipline of this training.

Why Aikido?

Aikido’s style is generated from strategy, movement and a variety of techniques that require little physical strength to perform. Training stresses form, mutual cooperation, awareness of others, and the coordination of the body’s movement with a calm state of mind. Aside from its utility as a method of self-defense, Aikido also stresses the perfection of character and the development of positive human qualities such as compassion, courage, endurance and inner strength. In this spirit, Aikido training is undertaken to improve both the individual and society.



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